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    Upozila : ISHWARGANJ
    District : MYMENSINGH
    Mobile :01712692739
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 Institute History

Uchakhila Higher Secondary School (School & College) Which is traditional and ancient institute located at the middle of 9 No. Uchakhila Union without modern opportunities of emissary zone is situated in the east of Ishwarganj Upazila, under Mymensingh district. For the purpose of speared of education door to door in this area, in 1932, the renowned educationalist person whose endless effort under the guidance of late Alhaz Md. Abdul Hakim Master have established this institute in the name of M.E. School but in 1945, it has step by step improved into secondary. Later in 1968 the subject of Agriculture studies & Science by the then government, being the project of development, it has transformed into multilateral high school. From 1984 to 1985 session, the business studies has launched here. However in 2004 the S.S.C (VOC) course under the board of BTEB, Dhaka. Launching from the session 2006-2007, Humanities, Science & Business Studies opening this group, Higher secondary school that is completely named college. Completing education a number of students having educated in higher education are engaged in the important sectors of home and abroad in government and semi government by virtue of merit, industry and skill. They are also witnessing and increasing ranges with fame. It is believed to be continued in future to under service in the country. The overall environment of geographical position infrastructural opportunity, communications and transportations is easy. So, it attracts all under the effort of all walks of people and sincere co-operation, this institute has been topped in all kinds of results with scholarship and GPA5 as well as it is almost overcoming all the institutes in this upazila in the south of Mymensingh Sadar. Besides the S.S.C (VOC) results of 2010 under the BTEB, Dhaka it promoted at the highest with GPA 5 across the country. It is placed in four and achieved a glorious success which is ever remanding in Bangladesh. To sum up applying almighty to Allah improves fame, prosper and reputation of this institute.